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SAVE CONGO employes 3 international staff and 22 national staff. Women fulfill administrative and community roles similar to men, and participate at the leadership level of our organization both in the design, implementation, monitoring, and evaluation. The staff manage projects, operate in front-line conditions, and distribute humanitarian aid to people who have been hit by human rights abuses or natural disasters. Responsibilities vary widely depending on the situation, but can include: assessing emergency situations and working closely with local communities; coordinating and supporting the work of volunteers and staff; managing budgets; managing all activities and monitoring their effectiveness; producing response reports, recommendations and proposals for specific intervention; liaising with United Nations agencies, government officials and local and international NGOs; producing funding proposals; recruiting/managing local staff; organising induction, support and training for volunteers/other humanitarian workers; ensuring staff and volunteers follow safety and security procedures; making sure staff and volunteers are familiar with the culture, laws and practices of their location; and liaising with donors, local authorities and international humanitarian community members. 


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