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SAVE CONGO provides multisectorial protection services including health care, shelter, water, sanitation, food services and emergency supplies to hundreds of thousands of people in southern, eastern and central DRC; empowering communities to work together on peace-building projects aimed at conflict reduction and economic recovery; conducting demographic, health and food surveys; training justice, health and government workers, building roads, markets, schools, hospitals and clinics, and providing essential medicine; providing counseling, medical care and legal assistance to survivors of sexual assault; offering a range of reproductive health services to women and adolescent girls to enable safer childbirth and improved spacing between children; ensuring girls are enrolled and succeeding in school, as well supporting them with informal education, so they can take control of their futures. We pledge to put the needs of those most affected by crisis, specifically women and girls, at the forefront of our efforts and to achieve measurable improvements in health, safety, education, and economic wellbeing. Program activities include protection monitoring, community development, food security and improving reproductive health and family planning. 


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